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just saw the newest episode on nov 9 2014 and it turns out that the mullet scientist wasn't actually a scientist and was scamming everyone to get to washington dc. well im not that surprised cause a mullet scientist was kind of a stretch for me. also the show itself is TOO FUCKING HARSH im done im done its just over 

i said this to myself before and i stayed away after a few seasons but i was bored one day and just binge watched about 10 episodes in a day. tell ya what ill start watching again once it has a final episode 

heres a joke... walking dead writers and george rr martin walk into a bar and everyone you're interested in dies  
Any hellsing fan probably knows by now that the last episode aired a little while ago in english dub. I just want to say WOW i have been an ultrafan for years and it has been beyond awesome every step of the way. this masterpiece has had me gushing over it for so long im sure my friends are sick of me talking about it. that won't stop me from writing about it. i mean even the dialogue is poetry. everything i saw and heard from it was beautiful to say the least. im sad that its gone but SO happy that it came to life (so to speak) ahem anyway, if you have never seen it and you like anime then buddy you are in for a treat anyway happy halloween
~it was my senior year in highschool and i came down with a bad case of senioritis (not giving a fuck) so i ditched school... a few days later i got called into the principals office and they questioned me ditching i told them fuck you i had senioritis ;) anywho he told me i had to go to saturday school. so i said ok to get him out of my hair. i went back to class thinking why would i go to saturday school when i barely care about going to regular school? so guess what? i ditched sat. school too. so that following tuesday i got sent back to the principals... he didn't take to kindly to me ditching. then the guy being SO clever suspended me for a day. the beauty of it is my penalty for ditching was forcing me to ditch another day 
true story
~don't stay in school kids... im out 

mother integra and father anderson sitting on a park bench while alucard, seras, heinkel, yumie, and maxwell play on the playground